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Why Valet Alert –

■ If you are seeking an easy-to-use, cost effective solution – you need Valet Alert! 
■ If your building is currently using a “white board” to schedule vehicles – you need Valet Alert!
■ If you require residents to make a phone call to speak with a valet to request their car – you need Valet Alert!
■ If you are using a SMS / text message based system requiring residents to send a message to the valet to retrieve their car – you need Valet Alert!

Benefits –

■ Dramatically increase valet efficiency
■ Track all valet activity for accountability
■ Cost effective to operate
■ Easy, local management – Cloud hosted

How Does Valet Work – 

■The garage installs a 50″ (or greater) flat screen monitor allowing staging of vehicle requests based on “due time”.
■The left side of the monitor indicates reservations/requests in chronological order for the next 24 hours.
■The right side of the monitor shows reservations made up to 7 days out. Each reservation over 24 hours out will automatically roll into the 24 queue in sequential order.
■ Residents download the Valet Alert app from this website – either iOS or Android and register themselves and their vehicle(s).
■Garage valets also download the Valet Alert app onto their personal smart phone or a smartphone provided by the garage to the valet for use on the job.
■Garage management reviews and approves each app user and designates them as Resident or Valet.
■When a resident requests a vehicle, they open the Valet Alert app and choose REQUEST MY CAR, then enter the time NEEDED CAR IS REQUIRED.
■ The vehicle request appears on each active valet’s phone.  The first valet to ACCEPT the request acknowledges the request and a message is sent to the resident. (Resident must allow at least 10 minutes for request to be received and accepted).
■ The Valet Alert system runs on a rolling 24 hour basis – all requests are automatically staged based on the time the car is due to be delivered.
■ A resident can place their vehicle(s) “on vacation” indicating the start time and return time so valets can park cars accordingly.
■ Valet Alert accommodates visitor parking using a “temporary account” in order to keep track of all vehicles in the garage. Visitors do NOT use the app as this is only for the efficiency of the valets.

Ready to Get Started?

The first step is to download our Valet Alert app for Android or Apple device(s) and install the app on your smartphone. You cannot use Valet Alert from a PC or tablet. Since this is a direct download, you will need to ALLOW THIRD PARTY APPS on your device.

Once you have the app installed on your device, ask your Garage or facility Manager for the proper “GarageID”.  If you are a garage employee, choose VALET and enter the requested information.  If you are a resident or you are a parker in the garage, choose CUSTOMER, then SIGN UP, then enter the GarageID and your information.  Once you are registered as a CUSTOMER, you can register your VEHICLE(s).  If you need help with any part of this process, click on TUTORIAL and we will show you a video on the registration process.

  1. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open the App Store app.
  2. Browse or search for the VALET ALERT app 
  3. Tap or click the price or Get button.